Homeowners Speak about Strategic Edge for HVAC Marketing

Homeowners Speak:

Now that you've heard from our clients, here's what 
their customers have had to say about their Strategic Edge marketing:

"Your email communications and printed newsletter always have some info that I find useful 
or helpful at home or at work. I appreciate the coupons and discounts. I appreciate the brief communications format . . . that inspires but doesn't over-saturate . . . . Keep feeding us information that helps us improve on being effectively 'green' and at the same time keeping our costs as low as possible." "I like the newsletter and email letter. It keeps me aware of new products and services."

"The emails and mailings are well-written and useful."

"I really like the new customer service approach . . . . The emails are great. I really enjoy the service reminders and energy-saving tips."

"I appreciate the reminders to change filters, to get service and the energy-saving tips. Your regular communications keep me thinking about energy use . . . . I like what you are doing and feel like you want us to get the most from our plumbing, heating and AC as it is as well as to educate us on the advantages of updating an older system."

"Your price for a water softener was comparable to the three other companies I was looking at, but among the reasons I chose you were your informative website and the feedback from past customers."

"My wife Cindy used your on-line feedback from to send our thoughts on your service call so far -- not because we wanted another Starbuck's card. We signed up for a three year service contract chiefly because of the professionalism of your website, marketing and services."


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